Hi Lo Casino Games

In general, Hi-Lo casino games provide players with more than one way to win. While most games require players to build a high hand of cards or roll high numbers in order to win, players who have extremely low hands in a Hi-Lo game have an opportunity to win at least part of the pot.

Side Bets and Games

In today's world of casino gaming, Hi-Lo games are typically only available in bonus games and side bets. For instance, some of the world's most famed video poker software developers utilize a hi-lo game as a bonus. In this game, the player is provided with one card face up and three or more cards below it face-down. The player must select the face-down card that is of higher value than the card that is turned face-up, a feat that requires plenty of luck.

Stand Alone Hi-Lo Games

One of the most well-known hi-lo games is associated with Omaha Hold'em Poker. In this game variant, players are required to build poker hands that are of higher value than those of their opponents. However, when a player collects a series of cards that are extremely low, they have the option of playing a low hand for half the pot. Other stand-alone games can be found in online casinos, though they are very hard to find in bricks-and-mortar venues.

Luck or Skill?

Though there is little a player can do to guarantee a win in any form of a hi-lo game, they can certainly use a bit of skill and common sense to stagger their bets and prevent the loss of large sums of money. Any betting system will do here; the Martingale system that is usually applied to roulette and blackjack makes a fantastic option.

Players who are looking for simplicity in their gaming will more than likely enjoy the atmosphere provided by online hi-lo casino games. They are available in varying themes and types in order to provide something for everyone.