Grand Slam Games

Online casinos have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and potential for big winnings. In fact, online casinos remain competitive with traditional casinos when it comes to their big payouts. Grand slam games offered in Internet casinos such as Jackpot City are some of the most popular of these potentially lucrative options.

What is a Grand Slam Game?

A grand slam game in online poker maintains some of the biggest payouts of any casino game. Generally, these games are held as weeklong tournaments, and because of the high amounts of money involved, they happen infrequently; sometimes only once a year. Occasionally, casinos that hold these grand slam tournaments will fashion promotional deals to bring in more customers, such as the 'gold ticket' promotion, which allow customers to join the tournament without any buy-in or bet.

Jackpot City

Jackpot City is an online casino that organizes these grand slam games each year. The casino draws in new customers by making it easy to register, join, and open an account online. Moreover, upon registering, customer's accounts are credited $5 to entice them to start gambling. Those interested in playing a grand slam game simply need to place a bet or make a deposit into their account to be entered to win.

These grand slam games are so popular because their top prizes are so appealing. Recent games have offered payouts of $1 million as the highest prize, but with close to twenty thousand players vying for these winnings, odds of victory can be pretty slim.